Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Try Vegan Week Photos

Photo 1: Beccky puts new vegans together with mentors at the opening event.

Photo 2: Vegan powered Bike rally meets at the vegan Mini-mall.

Photo 3: White Lies: anti- Dairy lecture at Sweet Pea Vegan Bakery.

Some of my favorite photos from Try vegan Week Portland June 7th to the 14th 2008

We mentored 24 new vegans. Every night of the week we had about 30 people at the workshops and 58 on Thursday night of the week. We came in under our budget and we learned alot to make next year bigger and better.

Thanks to Heather,Chris, Mindy, Randall, Liz, Deana, Chelsea, Ren, Peter, Jill, robert,Nettie, Chef al, Donna, Mat rossel,Beccky, ron, Liene and others I am sure I forgot. Sorry...

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