Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm reading at an event for Try Vegan Week!

Cari and I are reading at a fundraiser event for Try Vegan Week Portland. May 4th 7PM. At the Red and Black Cafe.

Featuring four Vegan authors from the northwest!

Gina Ranalli Author of 13 thorns and Suicide Girls in the Afterlife

“There are some very funny—and sacrilegious—moments (and) the author has serious things to say. But that doesn’t stop a lot of it from being irreverent and tongue-in-cheek…it’s certainly a fascinating—and for this reader, successful—experiment.” Charles De Lint on suicide girls

Kristopher Young author of Click

Click was September 2007’s Book Club Selection on Chuck Palahniuk’s official website, The Cult. “…a rare and amazing literary feat… highly personal and gut-wrenchingly real, yet surreal, dream-like and convincingly fantastic. The novel is both intuitive and masterful in execution…”
-Jody Franklin, editor, Mungbeing magazine

David Agranoff author of Screams from a Dying world

"Screams from a Dying World by David Agranoff is a moving reading experience rich with descriptive prose that makes each story come alive and a subtle message that will leave you looking at the world in a whole new way. This is a welcomed addition to the horror genre." – Horrorworld

Cari Beltane Co-author of the Gutter Limits

"Imagine if Satan made a Rubik’s cube... Beltane’s stories are intricately crafted puzzles made to mystify and horrify; filled with shock, splatter and poetry. She’s either bringing art back to horror, or horror back to art." -Paul Stuart, Publisher Punk Horror press.

Sunday May 4th at the Red and Black Café( 12th and Oak) 7 PM

Also Papa G's Grand opening!
Papa G's vegan organic deli will have their official grand opening Earth Day Tuesday April 22. We will offer free samples of all kinds of food as well as house made bakery goods and organic fruit. 3pm - 6pm.

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