Sunday, December 16, 2007

I worked on this book for four years! You can buy it now!

An Anthology of Punk And Horror Fiction

The Vault of Punk Horror
Edited by David Agranoff and Gabriel LLanas
$13.95 ISBN - 978-0-6151-7992-6

Nearly four years in the making, the book features fifteen tales of truly punk rock and horror fiction. With stories from award winning and fist time authors alike it is a unique new breed of horror anthology. And even better it has an introduction from Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister fame.

What’s more, is in keeping with the desire to do more for the world in general, proceeds from The Vault of Punk Horror will be benefiting the Alaskan Women’s Network. A group dedicated to bringing safety and security to the women and children of Alaska. Please support this project as everyone from editors,publishers and authors volunteered their time and effort!

Hitting Streets in January! Go to to pre-order a copy now!

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Introduction by Dee Snyder
The Maenads by Lisa Morton
Gone To Seed by MP Johnson
The Model Citizen by Paul Stuart
Jesus on a Paper Plate by Ryan C. Thomas
Long Dry Season by Eric Turowski
The Bridge by Cari Beltane
Breaking the Chain Letter by Cody Goodfellow
Simulacra by Duncan Barlow
The Call by David Agranoff
The Squat by Sean Logan
Kamakazi Christ by Gina Ranalli
Cutter by Gabriel Llanas
Trigger Variation by Jeremy Robert Johnson
Das Marchen by Stephen Wilson
You Blundering Idiot You ****ing Failed To Kill Me Again by John Shirley

Twisted Sister front man Dee Snyder to write the introduction to a new groundbreaking Horror Fiction charity anthology

Who: Punk Horror Press
When: Release Date August 31st
For more information:

After four years in the making Punk Horror Press is set to release its ground breaking horror fiction anthology The Vault of Punk Horror on August 31, 2007. The trade paperback edition will feature an introduction by heavy metal icon Dee Synder as well as fifteen stories by several award winning and nominated authors with proceeds benefiting the Alaskan Women’s Network. The AWN supports a variety of causes that center around women’s rights in one of the most dangerous places for women to live in the United States.

“Dee was excited by the cause and the line-up of fantastic authors. Underground favorites like newcomers Ryan C. Thomas and Cody Goodfellow turned in high quality stories along with Bram Stoker award wining short story authors Lisa Morton (Short Story “Test” – 2006) and John Shirley (Collection Black Butterflies – 1998) we are proud of the quality of this collection which cover to cover will create a unique experience.” Said Co-Editor David Agranoff.

When editors David Agranoff and Gabriel LLanas first started this project four years ago the concept was simple tales of horror fiction by punk authors set in the punk scene or featuring punk characters. “We wanted to break some stereotypes and give back to both the punk and horror scenes which have been positive outlet for both of our lives. We wanted stories of high literary quality at the same time. So unlike some anthologies that receive five hundred or more submissions we had to seek out authors and work with them to develop stories within the theme. In the end we had to pinch ourselves when we read the book first time, all the way through, it turned out fantastic,” said Gabriel LLanas

Readers interested in getting taste for what is to come in the Vault of Punk Horror need only to visit the Punk horror website. “We have a variety of podcasts, interviews and various works by authors who will be appearing in The Vault. Our E-newsletter also contains news about the various authors and until August will feature interviews with the authors. The interviews with Vault contributers are turning out great. We have lots of musicians, screenwriters and activists in the book that reflect the diversity of the writers. We love that we have the author who practically invented the cyberpunk genre as well as first time authors.”

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