Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good news becomes bad, then good again...

Ok, Cari and I spent the last year living on the ass end of nowhere because we were saving money and planning a move to Canada. Various opinions from immigration lawyers, Canadian consulate and more telling us we were good to move north. In the last stage of applying for my work permit I was told I’m not legal to even step on Canadian soil.
It appears that resisting arrest (charges I have received in various protests) are considered felonies in Canada. Even though at least one of those times I was resisting by standing still on sidewalk and the cop decided I was “looking at him funny.” I’m not allowed in Canada. I can’t help at laugh at this since the city we were moving to passes out needles to drug addicts. I’m so dangerous….

I am aware that when World Horror Convention was in Canada that many horror geeks had to stay at home because of simple offenses. I was under no delusion that Canada was a utopia of free speech, I live across the border and watch Canadian news. I know how you treat your first nations, how you rape Alberta for oil, and lets face Canada your shit stinks too.

I wanted to live in Canada because Victoria was in Canada and it was not worth fighting for one city.

We were given advice on how we could appeal to consulate, but decided that at this point in our life we didn’t want to battle to live in a country that is not that different from our own. We have lots of friends in Portland and enjoyed our visit last year so we thought we would land in PDX.

Not only is Portland like a huge version of our hometown (many in Indiana call Portland big Bloomington) but it has a active Vegan and horror/bizarro writing communities. I think we will like it.

I’m not sure how this will affect my writing for absolute underground but I intend to do serious reviews here, and podcast reviews through Punk Horror. Reviews coming soon.

This also means of course I canceled at the anarchist book fair in Victoria. I’m really sorry about that….


Mysterioso! said...

For some reason Google was being obstreperous and recalcitrant and my attempts to leave a comment ages ago were all for naught. So here's hoping this works now.

When I read your comment about the O.P. being the "ass end of nowhere" I nearly spewed tea all over my monitor. How very true!

I'm reading William Gibson's new novel "Spook Country" and, as I get into it more, really enjoying it. I tried reading Neuromancer a while ago but, after a few pages, gave up on it. I don't think I was in the mood for that book at that time. What do you think of Gibson's books?

David Agranoff said...

I am not a huge fan of Gibson's writing style. I love his concepts. Actually My favorite Gibson work was his unproduced Script for Alien 3. It was the Sans Ripley script. Very Good, shame they didn't make it.

Also John Shirley is putting out a novel next year based on script he and Gibson were devloping so I'm excited about that.