Friday, November 24, 2017

Big news: New project! Future Shock Live!

I'm creating an exciting new project. I'll be doing this project on a grassroots level.

Future Shock will be a bi-monthly live discussion panel open to the public and heavily promoted in the media. It will feature panelists ranging from political figures, academics, activists and Science Fiction authors. I'm looking for interesting community members who would like to participate by being a panelist for one of the events.

Each installment of Future Shock will focus on a single topic and will be like a live interactive episode of Black Mirror – a theater of the mind with ideas for a better tomorrow. The format will include an hour of discussion, thirty minutes of Q and A, followed by a social and organizing hour.

Topics will include The West Coast in 2075, City Planning for the Future, The Future of Media, Artificial Intelligence, Trans-humanism, Living with Climate Change, and many more.

We will be recording portions of the event for a Future Shock San Diego Podcast. My hope is to get people to gather and discuss the future. I'm shooting for February 2018 to premiere.

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