Friday, June 30, 2017

Book Review: The Sub by Jimmy Jazz

The Sub by Jimmy Jazz

Paperback, 106 pages

Published January 1996 by Incommunicado Press

So this is kinda of random out of my typical genre read, although I am ALWAYS looking for more punk rock fiction. How I ended up buying a copy of the Sub is a fun story. I shared a stage with Jimmy as a part of a famous and long running author reading series held in San Diego (and LA) called Vermin on the Mount. Jimmy was the headlining reader and blew the rest of us away with a reading for his epic release Book of Books. that book is 1,000 or so pages a memoir that uses the framing device of Jimmy writing a piece inspired by every book he has ever read. Some times memories of reading the book, sometimes about the or just pieces that reflect the time in his life when he discovered the books.

It was fascinating concept but I admit I was a little scared off by the size. I knew I wanted to go home with one of his books, and when I read about this one I had to have it. I am a punk kid who works in education, and am aware of the trouble and trials that substitute teachers go through. I assumed there would be some cool stories and laughs.

The book is called a novel but it feels like a memoir (same could be said of Tiffany scandal's book that I read next)and it is Mice and Men length. Despite the short pages it is filmed to the brim with lyrical prose and moments of stunning beautiful prose. This all comes with moments of tenderness and compassion. Don't worry there are moments of humor and reflection.

This is a short but beautiful book, a first person look at time spent going around to San Diego schools in the 90's. It deserves to be read.

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