Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Magazine Review: Cemetery Dance #72

Cemetery Dance issue #72

I have certain traditions for my visits to my homestate of Indiana involving my trips back to the west coast. Certain foods I always pack in my bag, Dylan's magic tofu and seseme cashew noodles from the Bloomingfoods Deli for food. And reading wise I always stop by The Book Corner in Downtown Bloomington and pick up the latest issue of Cemetery Dance to read on the flight. I have done this since the 50th issue. Since it is four times year most of the time it works out. I have had to buy a few at powells in Portland.

#72 was great reading for the flight home. The regular columns I always zip through. Tom Monteleone's depressing column on all the deaths in the horror community probably the most important.

The two highlights were new short stories by Norman Partrdge and Stephen King. The King story was a short but excellent end of the world heart breaker.

Cemetery Dance is a fantastic horror magazine, that is a must read/support for those who believe in short horror fiction.


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