Friday, March 14, 2014

Chargers Talk: John Elway in the long run is helping our Bolts!

During the first couple days of free agency I assume the fans of almost all 32 teams freak out. Either they over react assume there team is not going enough, or over react buy assuming their massive free agent signings are the key to the super bowl.

As a Chargers fan I have watched the message boards “Sign this guy!” or “Sign that guy!” All great players and if it were fantasy football it would make sense. The reality of the current collective bargaining agreement means teams have to adhere to a salary cap. If you are a serious football fan you should understand this , but it seems like no one understands.

Some Charger fans have been complaining that GM Tom Telesco is not doing enough, when Denver our main divisional rival is spending BIG. With Denver spending big Talib at Cornerback, Demarcus Ware at Defensive end, and TJ Ward at safety all with big contracts on the defensive end. The reality is these signings are for the most part fool’s gold.

Running the front office John Elway has not only pushed all his chips in, but he stopped at the bank to get a loan borrowing money to gamble even more. With a lot of the big money in the back end of the contract, Elway is basically admitting the window to win a super bowl is short with Peyton Manning who has two years to get it done. If he doesn’t it wont matter 3 years from now the Broncos will not be able to afford to keep Manning and half it’s bloated contracts.

Brock Osweiler’s Broncs will be a cellar dweller for years, I expect Manning and Elway to retire at that point. In the mean time the Bolts are building their team in a sustainable manner. Building through the draft, making small quiet moves that will help the team.

Consider the 3 year contract for former Colts Running back Donald Brown, decried by many fans as not a big deal. Consider the last play-off loss at Denver. In the regular season The Bolts beat down Denver on the road by controlling the clock through the run game. With Ryan Mathews injured and heavy winds that made passing difficult the chargers went 3 Quarters score-less before storming back and losing the game by one score.

Considering the Bolts were one score away from the AFC Championship, imagine what a difference a second high quality RB in that game would have made. A few years ago the Jets had two lock down corners so the Patroits designed the offense to go up the middle with two Tight ends. The AFC west arms race has the Broncs going heavy on the pass rush, thus the Chargers are wisely building a three-headed monster in the backfield with Ryan Mathews Donald Brown and Woodhead. Those backs setting up short 3rd downs will be key to give Rivers 3rd and short to work with. It was the reason The Chargers led the NFL in 3rd down conversions last year.

It is impossible to say, but I don’t think we would have been scoreless that long if we have Donald Brown instead of Ronnie Brown. Check out his highlights from last year’s Thursday night game against the Titans. If you don't believe me...

Stop playing fantasy football with your Chargers on the message board. Trust Tom Telesco, Mike McCoy and Phillip Rivers. We are almost there.

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