Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Book Review: The Daedalus Incident by Michael J. Martinez

The Daedalus Incident (Daedalus #1) by Michael J. Martinez

366 pages Nightshade books

I saw this book on a few best of lists and didn’t know anything about the plot before diving in. By the second chapter I was confused, but as the saying goes you can confuse me, just don’t bore me. This novel opens in 22nd century mars having just had a uncharacteristic “earth”quake. The scientists and miners on Mars start to investigate the mystery. In the second chapter we are in the 18th century, but on a English royal navy space ship traveling in the solar system.

This novel is in part an alternate history novel, but the future timeline takes place in our universe. Beyond that I will not spoil. This novel is well plotted, with twisting timelines and histories that connect in fun and neat ways. At the same time it is a swashbuckling adventure story in a fun and old school way.

I love super weird science fiction. This is just that, but it is also very smart. It is clearly well researched and thought out, not just in plotting and characterization but also in its take on the fake history.

I believe this is a debut novel, it is a strong debut. I can’t really think of another novel just like it. That is the best thing about it. Another great Nightshade release.

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