Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Book Review: Children of Pandemonium Spiral book 1 by Justin H. Momtgomery

The Children of Pandemonium written and Illustrated by Justin H. Montgomery

108 pages Gamin Publications

This is a rare case of self publishing that 100% deserves attention. It is a project that might not attract publishers because of it’s strange format but the benefit of the current model of publishing makes this novella possible. Good thing too, because I think it is neat.

The story of a Portland stripper named Tera who decides to run from her abusive brother who runs the club she dances at. Tera ends up on a bus in California when she meets Spigot a killer with a supernatural twist. The mystery of the spiral in Spigot’s eyes were enough to hook me for further books in the series. Justin Montgomery has a knack for spinning prose into a dark story, this novella is prime example of the dark mood he can create.

I admit I might be bias as Justin is a friend; I met him at a writer’s group when he was very new to writing seriously. He had been written for a long time but not taking it seriously. The first time I read his work I was struck by how naturally talented he was and how skilled he was being completely self taught.

This first book of his is still a bit rough, mostly in the opening pages. Justin Montgomery is telling a neat and intricate tale of supernatural horror, using beautifully composed prose and interesting art. The story is unfolding over a series of novellas complete with painting that match the text and a Graphic novel that ties into the story written and drawn by the author.

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