Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Book Review:Robert Bloch’s That Hellbound Train

Robert Bloch’s That Hellbound Train

Adapted for graphic novel by Joe R. Lansdale & John L. Lansdale

104 pages IDW publishing

This cool graphic novel is adapted from a classic Robert Bloch short story. I am assuming that Joe and John Lansdale are father and son, but not sure about that. I love Lansdale’s novels, but also like his comic books which have included some great Conan scripts. I read the original story many years ago so the comic did a great job of capturing the feeling of the story.

What a great tribute to a lesser known work by author most known for having written psycho. Even though Bloch was from the north- Wisconsin this story always felt southern. Lansdale captures a great vibe.

The art is fantastic. The train looks nasty and gives a vibe to the book overall. Quick read, but I loved it.

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